The Right Time To Launch Your App

Waktu yang Tepat Untuk Meluncurkan Aplikasi Anda

There is really no doubt for the incredible progress that the mobile app has brought since its inception. To make you understand the importance of mobile devices, see the question above. I think it's pretty clear how we as users are so obsessed with this technology.

The Right Time To Launch Your App

And if I talk about companies, be they big or small companies, they have all understood the dynamics of technological change and have shaped the way they promote their business, which is certainly a smart decision. to make.

But the question that is often asked and I think should be answered is when is the right time for businesses to launch their mobile apps? Should there be factors to consider when introducing your app to the world?

The answer is yes, definitely yes. Changes in dynamics and trends are not only observed by large scale companies, and believe me, they are not the only ones who have been working on mobile technology. Small-scale companies too, knowing how big the profit and high reach of mobile apps are, are also starting to promote their business through mobile apps.

There is no doubt how strongly the demand for mobile apps has grown and every company with the aim of outperforming its competitors is looking for ways to do the best they can, and launching apps is the best they can do.

Obviously, building an app takes a lot of time and effort, but even a high-quality app developed can go to waste if it's not launched at the right time.

So, to help you choose the right time to launch your app, below is a list of factors to get the desired results from the mobile market.

The Importance of Understanding the User Purchasing Cycle Process: Do you know what the most important factors are to pay attention to? This ensures that your app gets to the screens of your targeted users. Understanding a user's buying cycle is one of the most important tools to pay attention to.

When it comes to users, you should know that each individual has their own app download cycle. Some download new apps regularly, while others prefer to download apps once a month. There will also be people who download apps only when they have bought a new phone. Therefore, as a business person, you need to do excessive research on your audience's buying practices and launch your app accordingly.

Know Your Purpose: It is very important to know the purpose of your application. Are you planning to launch the app for an event or will it be used for seasonal sales purposes or are you launching it for everyday use? Knowing your app's purpose creates a powerful impact on your app's revenue.

Choose the Right Time: Businesses with the aim of reaching the consumer market must have a number of strategies. Having an interesting app is one of them. Therefore, determining the exact time, day, week and month of the year plays a very important role when launching your app, as these decisions help your app's success.

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5 Important Factors That Make Apps Successful

5 Faktor Penting membuat Aplikasi yang Sukses

Innovative ideas turn into success stories only and only if executed in the right way. Being a mobile startup, it is important to know that not all mobile app ideas are successful and reach customers.

5 Important Factors That Make Apps Successful

There are dozens of factors that influence the success of a mobile app. Thus, it is very important to point out the essential elements of a successful launch plan.

Define Terms Well

Being a mobile startup, you should know that its success usually depends on the pre-comparison stage as opposed to the coding process. Startups fail mostly because they don't really need the product's user needs. So take some time to list all the smallest details related to requirements, users before starting the coding process.

Keep simple

Contemporary developers take and incorporate as many features into the application as possible. Looking back, you can point out that among the millions of applications available, very few of them provide one because it offers a specific and sharp solution. Therefore, it is important to focus on one aspect and do it perfectly by combining many features on average. Take the smart route to sunrise; start less, check your progress constantly and scale properly.

Look for an Efficient API

A bad API is one of the most important problems faced by mobile startups. It is important to check if the application offers a well-designed backend service. This will result in fast and economical mobile data, thus offering a satisfying experience for the users. Thus, developers and entrepreneurs should focus on the front end and back end of mobile apps to offer better user experience.

the importance of Feedback

Before launching mobile first, it's important to consider beta testers. This is very helpful in removing all bugs and fixing loopholes before launching. You can build a prototype of your idea and reach an audience with it to gather relevant user feedback. Analyzing customer reviews will help you improve them and make them more useful, more interesting.

Make Realistic Goals

Start using mobile devices to cope with the enormous amount of stress associated with scheduling, goal development, and planning budgets. However, aside from this goal, it's important to set realistic requirements and have the features that users demand in your app. In addition, it is important to think and act realistically about the development process and ensure that it is also budget-focused.

Application-oriented startups need to put in a lot of effort to succeed. Your unique idea must go through rigorous testing to understand its market acceptance. Also, it is very important to sign up for an expert mobile app development service from your company who has deep technical knowledge and creative mindset.

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Difference Between Certified and Notary Translation

Prospective clients often ask what is the main difference between certified translation and certified translation. How is it different? Simply put, only a professional certified translator can provide you with a certified or verified translation of a document.

Certification involves preparing an officially signed translator's statement and rubber stamping or embossing each page of the document with a professional seal from a professional. In other words, certified translations come with quality assurance because the skills and experience of translators are certified by several official regulatory bodies. Being a professional certified translator, one can attest to the quality of the translation.

In contrast to this, a Notary Certified Translation can be provided by anyone. There are no mandatory or mandatory quality requirements as translators do not need to be certified. The only official aspect of this process is that the translator will swear and sign the affidavit in front of a notary. Notaries will only ensure that He has given wording that the translation made by them is a true representation of the original document but does not judge the quality of their own work.

Who needs a certified translation or notary?

In short, translations for contractual, legal or immigration purposes, for example, service agreements, birth certificates, court transcripts, or marriage certificates often need to be certified. While the translation of administrative purposes, such as university or college admissions, may only need to be notarized. In some cases, clients may also request certified and authenticated translations. The notarized document adds an additional layer of validity to the certified translation form, which can stand alone or can be accompanied by a notarized written statement, depending on the client's requirements.

Which service is more expensive?

For translation actions, translators typically charge per word, page, or hour, regardless of whether they want a certified or standard translation service. 

Who needs a notarized translation?

They are required by most of the universities, colleges as well as evaluation institutes when one submits their educational documents for evaluation. Notary translations are also required by law firms, proceedings, mortgage companies, and employers. One can also verify with the authorities where they plan to use the translation whether a certified translation is sufficient or some kind of notary certification is required.

Some companies offer translation services both certified and certified translations, also within 1 to 2 days at a flat rate. If you are unsure about the difference between certified translation and certified translation or need help, it is better to seek professional help. Experienced managers will answer any questions regarding the translation services we offer.

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Causes of Diesel Cars Difficult to Live

You need to understand that diesel car engines certainly have different characteristics and work systems from gasoline-fueled cars.

Of course, the way of maintenance and various problems are also different between the two car engines. For this reason, a deep understanding is needed, especially regarding diesel car engines.

Because, very few people know how to care for a diesel car engine. Given, in the application itself does have different treatment steps.

One of the problems that often becomes a scourge is that diesel car engines are difficult to start or turn back on.

Causes of Diesel Cars Difficult to Live

Of course if this could be a problem it would be difficult to start the engine when it's cold or early in the morning.

Constraints like this are often found in diesel engines that have been used for a long time, even new diesel engines can experience this if the engine lacks maintenance.

But as a diesel car owner, of course you have to understand what makes a diesel car difficult to live. Let's see the review together.

There are several factors that cause diesel engines to be turned on both in the morning and when the engine is cold even under normal conditions. Among others, as will be explained in the discussion below.

Causes of Diesel Engines Difficult to Start in the Morning

Low battery

It should be noted that the starter system on a diesel car of course uses a battery or power as a power source to drive the power to drive the motor dynamo.

If in this case the battery has problems, such as weak voltage, it will affect the process of starting the car engine.

Usually the low voltage here will be marked with a stuttering engine as an indication that the starter dynamo cannot start the engine due to a lack of power supply from the battery.

To solve problems like this, of course, one way to overcome them is to check the condition of the battery in the car.

If the battery is good but the voltage is reduced, of course you only need to charge the battery until the voltage returns to 12 volts.

Meanwhile, if the battery in a diesel car that functions as a battery here is bloated, that's a sign that its capacity has begun to decrease.

That way, it would be better if you replace the battery if it is really damaged or the main cause of diesel cars starting is due to low battery voltage.

Stop contact

In addition, there is one component that is involved in access or influence when a diesel car engine is started. Namely glow plugs or glow plugs.

The glow plug component here functions to heat the combustion chamber within the scope of a diesel car engine.

Generally the combustion chamber will be turned on in the morning or when the engine temperature drops dramatically, so it needs to be supported by a glow plug to raise the temperature so that the combustion process can still be carried out even in low temperature conditions.

These glow plugs are located in each cylinder. If one of the glow plugs is damaged, the effect will disrupt the system or the combustion process in one cylinder

If only one died, the effect would not be too pronounced. However, if both glow plugs die, the diesel will be difficult to start, even for the engine to start.

Obviously this condition is because the temperature in the combustion chamber does not exceed the point of diesel fuel. So, the car engine feels very difficult or stutters when turned on.

Air To Fuel Line

In addition, the cause of diesel cars turning on when turned on, does not rule out the possibility of being triggered by flu symptoms.

The wind in the diesel car in question refers more to the condition of the air entering the diesel engine fuel line area.

Generally, the air intake is triggered during the process of replacing the air filter on a diesel car engine.

The problem lies in how the air can be compressed so that when the fuel pump starts operating it will trigger a pressure that only fuel and air get pressure.

In conditions like this, of course, it can cause the diesel fuel coming out of the injector to be disturbed by the presence of air in the injector system which will cause the engine to be disturbed when it is turned on.

Therefore, to work around this, you can manually apply pressure to the solar tip to expel the air in the fuel injector from the fuel line.

However, it is recommended to do it in a workshop because it requires experts so as not to trigger damage to other components.

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This Causes Car Engine Oil To Drop Fast

There are various factors that trigger the oil in a car engine to run out quickly that many people rarely realize.

Car Engine Oil Runs Out Fast – Engine oil in a vehicle is certainly one of the most important aspects to always be maintained. Including four-wheeled vehicles.

Of course, the presence of car engine oil will greatly affect the condition of the car engine system. Where, as a fluid that functions as a lubricant while maintaining the temperature inside the engine.

Therefore, every car owner must always check the oil regularly considering its indispensable role in running the engine operating system.

Because, if not treated, there will be many problems. Like a car engine oil that runs out quickly which is often not realized by the owner.

Causes of Car Engine Oil Running Out Fast

If this is allowed, it will trigger various consequences of running out of car engine oil. Which, it will not be far from the runway system on a car that is easily damaged and worn out.

For that, you must understand what causes car engine oil to seep which makes it run out quickly even though it has just been replaced.

Thus, the problem of running out of car oil can be minimized with maximum prevention efforts.

Well, below are various reasons that cause car engine oil to run out that you need to pay attention to the characteristics and triggering factors.

In some cases, the engine oil in the car will decrease gradually. However, if suddenly the volume of oil decreases drastically, of course there are factors that cause it. Is as follows.

Signs of Car Oil Starting to Reduce

There is Seepage in the Oil Line

First, it is very possible if the problem is that the oil runs out easily because the drain plug that functions to drain the car engine oil is leaking.

As the engine ages, these components are often disassembled while the engine is still hot, potentially damaging the drain plug.

Usually a leak that occurs because the rubber seal that prevents seepage out is brittle or worn. So, you should replace the rubber seal first.

However, if this problem cannot be solved, you should immediately replace the drain plug component if the condition is very severe.

Or, if it's urgent, you can work around this by coating the sealtip on the threaded part of the engine block with a drain plug as a temporary measure to keep the oil from escaping.

From this it is very logical if the oil in the car runs out quickly because it seeps out because the rubber seal or the dran plug has been damaged.

Seepage in Carter/Oil Pan

In addition, other causes besides the condition of the car engine oil leak can also occur in the oil pan component.

The oil pan or charter here functions as a reservoir for engine oil which will later be distributed to the entire engine block area for lubrication.

Usually this part of the connection is often the main cause.

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Recognize Car Water Pump Problems and Their Characteristics

Every component in the car certainly requires attention in the form of maintenance measures to keep it durable and long lasting.

However, every maintenance step requires the right steps so that later the car component maintenance process can be carried out correctly and perfectly.

Well, one important aspect that is often rarely noticed by car owners is the car's water pump.

It should be understood that a problematic car water pump is generally triggered due to several factors which are actually quite trivial.

Broken Car Water Pump Sign

It's just that, it is often ignored, causing damage or problems with the car's water pump.

Where in general the problem with the water pump on the car lies in the bearing area which has begun to not be able to run its working system.

Usually the condition of this bearing damage will be indicated by the appearance of a rough sound when the car engine is turned on.

Well, for that as a precaution, of course you need to recognize the various factors that characterize a problematic car water pump. Come on, check the complete info.

There are several factors that certainly characterize the condition of the car's water pump damage. Here are the signs you need to understand.

Sound Appears from Machine Area

Generally, damage to the water pump on a car will usually be marked by an indication of the appearance of a sound coming from the hood area of ​​the car.

This sudden sound usually appears because there is damage to the water pump bearing.

To be sure, of course you have to check it by removing the fan belt and then turning the water pump by hand.

If the damage to the water pump is too severe then when the water pump is rotated it will usually feel like it is stuck on one side.

However, if you feel the pulley on the water pump sway sideways when you hold it, then it is an indication that the water pump is making a louder sound.

Water in Radiator Not Circulating

In addition, if the condition of the water pump on the car is problematic, it can be seen from the condition of the radiator water.

Usually the water in the radiator will not circulate properly. The reason is, the car's water pump which is supposed to function to pump radiator water has a problem, causing the radiator water to not work.

Meanwhile, to check it, you can see the radiator cap hole when the engine is idle. If the condition of the water pump is in normal condition, the radiator water will appear circulating.

If the condition of the water pump fluid still does not move, then that is a sign that the water pump is not working.

Well, from here it can be a sign for you that the water pump cannot run which requires you to check its condition or replace it with a new one.

Radiator Fan Rotates Non-stop

In addition, it cannot be denied that the relationship between the radiator component circuit and the water pump is very close.

So, you can also recognize the characteristics or signs of a problematic water pump from the condition of the radiator fan that continues to rotate without stopping but the temperature in the engine does not change or remains hot.

This condition is of course due to the absence of a radiator water cooler that is able to stabilize the temperature caused by the radiator water not circulating because the water pump as the driver cannot work properly.

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Causes of dead engines on motorcycles

One of the fears when driving on the highway is when the motorcycle being driven suddenly turns off the engine. Especially if the path taken is a small road far from the workshop and no one can help.

You may have experienced something like this. If not, you should pay more attention and pay attention to the condition of your motorcycle. Motor that died suddenly, generally caused by the condition of the motor that is not prime.


Motor vehicles need fuel to work. If the engine suddenly dies even though the engine has been properly cared for and routinely performs maintenance at an authorized workshop, fuel could be the main cause.

The type of fuel used has a major effect on the combustion process of each motor. Low octane will cause a lot of loose lead that clogs the valve so that the motor shuts down suddenly. Using fuel with a higher octane, can maintain the quality of the motor engine and prevent engine failure.

One of the causes of sudden death of a motorcycle engine is also caused by a blockage of the fuel line entering the carburetor. This blockage can be caused by dirt in the gas hose to the carburetor so that gasoline is not normal or even cannot flow.

Includes air filter.

The function of the air filter is to filter the air that enters the combustion chamber so that it does not mix with dirt and dust so that the air and gasoline mixture is more perfect. If the condition of the air filter is dirty, it will cause a heavy gas pull and the motor will stop suddenly or break down.

Engine Overheated

The cause of overheating in the motor engine is due to the blockage of oil circulation in the engine. The piston rings become dry so the motor suddenly shuts down. Hot temperatures arise from the combustion system or from the friction that occurs between the piston and the boring liner. The heat that cannot be removed by the lubricant makes the temperature rise rapidly, as a result the piston expands and is trapped in the boring liner.

Engine oil on a motorcycle can be reduced because it is used for long distance trips which can cause the oil to evaporate through the pores of engine deposits. Engine oil is reduced due to a weak piston ring which causes the motor to emit smoke due to burning oil. That way the oil will decrease continuously so that when riding a motorcycle in hot temperatures causes the motor to die suddenly.


The motor ignition system also consists of a spool, kiprok, CDI, and ignition coil. Spool and kiprok are the main components to supply electric current to the motor electrical system. If there is a problem with the electric current, the spark from the spark plug will not ignite and combustion will not occur. If combustion does not occur then the motor will not be able to start.

Perform Routine Service

Under certain conditions, a spark plug that is too small can cause the engine to stop. A damaged motor engine is an early symptom of damage. When the sound of your engine starts brebet, combustion does not occur completely. As a result, the power becomes low for compression and the piston stroke will stop. This is what causes the engine to die suddenly.

Make sure you always service your motorcycle engine at an authorized workshop on a regular basis. Perform routine service every 2 months so that the condition of the motor remains according to factory standards.

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How to Overcome a Sudden Dead Injection Matic Motor

People like this means of transportation because it is considered more efficient than having to drive public transportation. In addition, the price is also relatively more affordable than having to buy a car.

Especially now that simpler motorcycle technology is being created. Yes, now we are starting to make automatic motorcycles where all you have to do is step on the gas. Even so we also need to be careful when driving it.

Generally for motorcycles now do use the injection system. This injection technology is considered better and more sophisticated in use. However, what if it turns out that your automatic injection motor dies suddenly while driving? Wow, that sure sucks.

To solve your problem, of course you need to understand the cause first. Knowing the cause of the automatic injection motor turning off suddenly can make your problem immediately resolved. Especially if you are traveling and far from the workshop. So the mastery of science to overcome the problem of this injection motor is very necessary.

Causes of Automatic Injection Motors Can Turn Off Suddenly

Actually the cause of the automatic injection motor can die suddenly can be due to various things. The solution to each problem will of course also be different. Well, in this article we will directly discuss it. Come see!

1. Fuel Out

The cause of the first automatic injection engine to die is running out of fuel. So for that, when your motorbike suddenly dies, don't panic first. Please note that injection technology requires you to keep the motor from running out of fuel. The EFI technology used creates fuel pressure in the fuel line system. If the fuel in the motor runs out then there will be air entering the fuel hose. This also makes the motor difficult to start.

Even so, you don't need to worry because EFI technology can blow air out of the hose. The solution to this problem is that you can refuel your vehicle's tank first. If you keep turning the contact in the ON direction by holding it down for four seconds. After that you can return the contacts to the OFF position. Repeat this method up to five times.

2. Battery Error or Damage

The second cause of the automatic injection motor shuts down suddenly is a faulty battery. If on an ordinary motorcycle the battery is only used for the starter process, then the injection system is different. In motors that have an injection system, the battery serves to maintain the stability of the motor's electric current. If the battery is short, the voltage will drop and the motor will shut down. Now for the solution you can replace this battery.

3. Fuel Pump Off

In this case the gas pump or fuel pump is indeed owned by a vehicle that has EFI technology. The function of this fuel pump is to supply motor fuel to the tank and fuel lines. Please note that if the fuel pump cannot operate properly, it will create fuel pressure in the motor. So that gasoline will not come out of the injector. You can tell if the fuel pump is working when you hear a buzzing sound from the tank when the ignition is in the ON position. The solution you have to replace the fuel pump.

4. Spark Plug Problem

Spark plugs can be one of the problems that causes the automatic injection motor to die suddenly. As we understand if the spark plug plays an important role in engine combustion. Symptoms of motor disorders in the brain can also be seen when the motor suddenly turns off and is difficult to turn on. To overcome a damaged motor bus, of course, you have to replace it with a new spark plug.

5. Sensor is broken

Motors that use EFI technology are also used to using sensors. This sensor can function to check the state of a certain area. Please note if any data has airflow and intake airflow temperature sent by the sensor. Damage to the sensor can cause the engine to start imperfectly and eventually die. The sensor is faulty or you don't know when you took it to an authorized repair shop. Remember not to tinker if you don't understand.

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Causes of Motorcycles Often Jammed and How to Overcome

On a motorcycle there are many moving components and parts that must work hard when the engine is running. Due to continuous use, the performance of some components may decrease.

A damaged motor is actually an indication that some of your favorite motorcycle components are experiencing problems and a sign that you need to do service.

This brebet symptom usually appears when the motor is running and the gas grip starts to spin deeper. The motor pulls intermittently and in some cases the motor even dies and breaks. Just imagine, for example having a motorcycle accident while overtaking or being in the middle of the highway, of course it can be very dangerous.

Some Carmudians must still be confused about why their favorite motorbike could crash. Actually, some of the causes are not due to serious problems but need immediate treatment. If left unchecked, the motor feels uncomfortable and the damage can spread to other parts.

A motor that breaks down suddenly is quite dangerous

In general, the cause of the motor brebet because the comparison in the combustion chamber is not up to standard. This is because the type of fuel that is not suitable and automatically makes the engine combustion less than perfect.

There are several other causes of brebet motors that must be known so that later they can make repairs quickly. This method of handling can also be used as a prevention so that the motor does not tense up again when gassed at high or low rpm. Curious what causes it? Come on, let's go a step further.

Improper use of fuel is a common cause of motorized vehicles. Many motorcycle owners deliberately use fuel that is not in accordance with the standards set by the manufacturer on the grounds of being more efficient. On average, motorists prefer cheap fuels, such as Pertalite or Premium.

Collisions like this occur because of knocking on the engine which causes the motor to break down. For that, check the owner's manual or find out the compression of your motorcycle engine and what fuel is right. By using the appropriate fuel and of course by the manufacturer, the symptoms of brebet can disappear.

Spark Plug Start Soak

Motor spark plugs that must be replaced with new ones so that motor performance remains optimal

The next cause that can make the motor crash is due to a weak spark plug. The stun flow cannot be completely changed, causing a fire in the combustion chamber. Fires which of course make the combustion not optimal so that symptoms appear brebet.

If the spark plug is not in prime condition, such as dirty, too loose or even damaged, combustion in the engine compartment will be less than perfect. To fix this, make sure the condition of the spark plug is still good. Spark plugs that are not good or dirty, make combustion so choked and incomplete.

If you see a lot of black soot, look at the spark plugs first and then put them back in. But if the problem still persists, you will have to replace the business with a new one. Before reinstalling, do not forget to check the spark plug gap is too loose or normal.

As a rule, if the gap between the spark plugs is more than 1 mm, we recommend replacing it with a new one. When replacing spark plugs, choose a cooler type, for example NGK7 the number is 8 or 9, this is because cold spark plugs are more resistant.

Dirty Air Filter

The cause of the brebet motor on this one is actually easy to overcome. Over time, the air filter gets dirty over time as it filters dust from the air that enters the fuel chamber. Well, this accumulated dust, if left unchecked, makes the air filter gap clogged. As a result, the injector or carburetor cannot suck up air optimally.

You need to know, the service life of the owner's manual air filter reaches a mileage of 16 thousand kilometers. This use is faster if in urban areas or industrial areas that have a lot of dust. A clogged air filter can cause the motor to stop and the engine to stop suddenly.

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How to increase ranking in google search

Every site owner, be it a website or blog, always wants the website he owns and manages to enter and dominate the top position in search engine results, such as yahoo!, bing, ask, etc., especially the google search engine.

Many things are behind this, including search engines which are considered as a means to bring in visitors with the right target.

A person who, for example, types the word "selling futsal shoes" through a search engine, he is most likely a person who wants to buy futsal shoes online, and when our website sells futsal shoes and appears in a search engine, that person will most likely visit the site. the. NS.

SEO exists because of the results of research by experts or those who are experienced in getting the best position in search engine searches. In forums both online and offline, there are a lot of discussions about SEO, but again this is only based on their research, not about leaked Google algorithms. From most discussions about SEO, they always find the following things to get a good position in Search engines.

The secret of how to increase the position of a blog in google search


This site loads fast loading

This is part of what is called On page SEO, or SEO optimization that we do to improve our site. By having a site with fast loading and light weight, it makes it easier for robots from search engines to crawl all site content and then display it in search results.

Maybe many of you prefer web designs that are complicated and look beautiful with various ornaments, but this turns out to be burdensome for loading a site. JavaScript type script is one of the things that is touted as one of the things that makes a site heavy.

But of course we really need javascript to design a website, so use javascript well. Another cause is content in the form of flash or video which is the biggest contributor to the slow running of the web.

Nice site structure

A good web structure is one that has a valid programming language, whether it's a script in the form of css, html, php, etc. Make sure our site has no errors in script writing, now there are many tools to identify whether our web site has many errors or not. We can find out through online sites such as w3 or by using software.

The use of the Heading tag on a site is also very important, so that search engines can find out the titles and subtitles on each page on a site. The h1 tag for the title is one of the most important factors in SEO, many seo experts recommend using this tag. Also use the meta description so that search engines can find out the short contents of the page that we create

Submit sitemap

A sitemap is a sitemap in XML form. By creating a sitemap, we intend to provide all of the table of contents on our site, as well as tell search engines which pages may and may not appear in their searches. So when we create a sitemap, make sure not to include pages that should not be indexed (not displayed on search engines) in the sitemap, in addition to blocking which pages should not be indexed we can use a file in the form of robots.txt. txt.

With a sitemap, all the pages on our site can appear both on Google and other search engines. With the number of indexed pages means the greater the chance of a site getting a lot of visitors.

When we have created a sitemap, we can submit it to Google Webmaster for Google search engines and Bing Webmasters for Bing and Yahoo search engines.

Get backlinks

Backlinks or backlinks are links from other sites that point to our site. In SEO, backlinks are one of the Off page SEO methods or seo methods that are carried out outside the pages of our site. Google and other search engines believe when a site provides links to other sites that the site has endorsed the site.

For example like this, when site A provides a link to site B, the search engine believes that site A already supports site B. Therefore site B will get a higher place in search results than site A. The more sites get backlinks, the bigger it most likely comes from a site that shows up in the top search results of google.

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Signs that the V-Belt Motor Matic is starting to break and must be replaced

As we know that the v-belt component on the automatic motor is one of the important components.

Not without reason, considering that the v-belt has a role as a wheel drive on the scooter which will certainly cause problems if the v-belt component experiences problems.

One of them is the problem of age. Which, if it's like this, of course, must replace it with a new v-belt.

The problem is, when is the right time to replace the v-belt on an automatic motorcycle?

Well, regarding this, of course, before deciding to buy a new van belt, Ana must first know what the symptoms are if the scooter's v-belt needs to be replaced.

Where, there are several signs that can be a 'message' from the motor that it is time to replace the v-belt with a new one.

Alright, about this Mas Sena will give a little info about the characteristics of the automatic motor v-belt that is starting to break and must be replaced with a new one.

  • Always Service Routine to Control the Condition of the V-Belt
  • Avoid Using Heavy/Wrong Wheels
  • Avoid Riding a Motorcycle with Shock Pull
  • Signs of Damaged and Worn V-Belt Motors

In some cases, there are certain characteristics that indicate in case of irreparable damage to the v-belt. Instead, it should be replaced with a new one. Here are the characteristics.

V Belt Mark Must Be Replaced

Rubber V-Belt Starting to Crack

The first thing that can be seen with the eye that characterizes the v-belt that must be replaced is the condition of the v-belt rubber that is starting to crack.

You can easily see the physical signs of a motor matic v-belt that must be replaced, namely by looking at the curve by forming the letter V on the jagged part.

There are cracks in each section of the groove which is an indication that the v-belt is worn and it is time to replace it.

In some cases, this condition is not a problem. But if left too long will worsen the condition of the motor. Especially the parts or components that are directly related to the v-belt itself.

Motor Pull Feels Heavy

On the other hand, if you feel the pull of the automatic motor starting to feel heavy, then it could be a sign that your scooter's v-belt is starting to wear out and become brittle.

Such conditions are certainly the effect or impact of the v-belt which is no longer able to grip the wheel drive area which makes it feel heavy when driving on the highway.

Therefore, if you start to feel that something is wrong with the pull of the automatic motor, try checking the v-belt.

Because, in addition to late service, weak motor pull is also an indication of a weak v-belt which of course needs to be replaced with a new one.

You can check the automatic motor v-belt and its routine service. So, if it's time to replace it, you should immediately replace it with a newer one.

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Examples of small capital business big profits

Doing business does require the right time to get a great opportunity to generate profits. But if you have a mature business concept and strategy, maybe now is the right time for you to start a business.

1. Follow your instincts

Business or business is where you make money and profit, so you should enjoy it while running it. So for that, you have to follow a passion that makes you happy to run a business. For example, if you love food, a culinary business might be the best choice. If you love pets, a pet shop business is not a bad choice. In addition, following your passion also makes you more enthusiastic in building a business and not giving up easily in solving problems.

2. Market Analysis

Market analysis is an analytical activity to learn various things about market conditions, so market analysis is a must for those of you who are just starting a business. The benefit of market analysis is that it will be easier for you to get customers, see the competition, take advantage of opportunities, reduce risks, prepare long-term plans, and much more. So don't forget to do this step for the smooth running of your business.

3. Separate Capital and Profit

By separating capital money from profits, you will more easily control your income and expenses. You can create two different accounts to separate them and record each transaction on the books, thus avoiding you from using venture capital for personal gain.

Promising Business Opportunity

1. Healthy Food Business

Recently, people have started to care about their health by maintaining a healthy diet. For that they need healthy food to support their body health. Healthy food catering does exist, but not many, so it is still difficult to find in some places. Now you feed them healthy food, because they are willing to pay more for healthier food. There are so many healthy food recipes that you can find on the internet, then you innovate them so that they become delicious foods that you can sell.

2. Franchise Business

A franchise or franchise is indeed a business that doesn't need to think too much about branding the product you want to sell, because you will buy a franchise license from an existing brand. What you need to think about is what brand you want for your business, because so many franchise providers are big names. You can purchase a franchise license in the food & beverage sector or retail stores.

3. Pet Shop Business

You could say that pet shops are not widely available in some areas, so people have to look for pet shops in more distant locations. This is your chance to open a pet shop in a location where there is no pet shop, because your pet shop will be the target of people to buy their pet needs.

4. Shoe Washing Business

Most annoyed if the shoes are wet and dirty when exposed to rain, so a shoe washing service is needed. You can indeed run this shoe washing business, because this business is quite easy. Prepare the needs for washing shoes and washing techniques. Don't forget to also know the existing shoe materials, to avoid damage to the shoes you wash
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Small capital home business ideas

The more considerations you think about, making the dream business/business never come true.

But sometimes, extraordinary results can start from the simple thing of starting a business from your own home.

If you think about it, there are many aspects that you can turn into a very lucrative business opportunity.

#1 Refillable Drinking Water

You can use one corner of the house to run a refill drinking water business. The community's need for this commodity is very large.

In addition to being practical, the need for clean water is also decreasing in some areas so that if you can maximize this business opportunity, it is not impossible to get a large income.

#2 Daily Catering

In the culinary world, you can become a daily catering provider.

The busyness of the community today makes it difficult for them to take the time to just get food to eat so that daily catering is one of the solutions used.

#3 pound of laundry

Perhaps one of the activities that people don't like today is washing clothes.

As a result, laundry services have become one of the most in demand. You can take advantage of the kilogram laundry business opportunity that you can do at home.

#4 Tailor

If you have the passion and skills that support a tailor and clothing designer business, of course you can start from your own home.

Fashion transformations and trends are interesting things to explore. And of course it is also very closely related to the business value which is quite tempting.

Therefore, this business opportunity is very promising and has good prospects in the future.

#5 Snack Packaging Business Opportunities

Snacks are one type of food that is quite loved by many people, such as snacks from cassava, potatoes, and many more.

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Reasons Why Your Site May Not Be Indexed

After further discovering the problem, I thought I'd write a post for Moz to share my experience so others don't have to spend a lot of time looking for answers about indexing.

This means that your site, or any part of it, is not added to Google's index, which means no one will find your content in search results.

list of Crawl Problems

The first thing you should look at is your Google Search Console dashboard. Forget all the other tools available. If Google sees a problem with your site, then that's the problem you want to address first. If there is a problem, the dashboard will show an error message. See below for an example. I have no issues with my current site, so I'll have to find someone else's screenshot. Thanks in advance, Nile :)


The HTTP 404 status code is most likely the one you'll see most often. That means whatever page the link points to, cannot be found. Anything other than a 200 (and possibly 301) status code usually means something is wrong, and your site may not function as described to your visitors. 

Fix Crawl errors

Usually this type of problem is caused by one or more of the following reasons:

Robots.txt - A text file located in the root folder of your website that conveys certain guidelines for search engine crawlers. For example, if your robots.txt file has this line in it; User-agent: * Disallow: / basically tells every crawler on the web to climb up and not index ANY content on your site.

.htaccess - This is an invisible file that is also in your WWW or public_html folder. You can enable visibility in most modern text editors and FTP clients. Very bad htaccess can do bad things like infinite loop, which will never let your site load.

Meta tags - Make sure non-indexed pages have no meta tags in source code: <META NAME="ROBOTS" CONTENT="NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW">

Sitemap - Your sitemap is uncertain for some reason, and you are still submitting the old/broken one to Webmaster Tools. Always check after you've resolved the issue that's shown to you in the webmaster tools dashboard, that you've run a new sitemap and resubmitted.

URL Parameters - Within Webmaster Tools there is a section where you can set URL parameters that tell Google what dynamic links you don't want to index. 

Your Pagerank is not enough - Matt Cutts revealed in an interview with Eric Enge that the number of pages that Google crawls is roughly proportional to your Pagerank.

Connectivity or DNS issues - Maybe because of whatever Google spiders can't reach your server while they try and enjoy it. Maybe your host is doing some maintenance on their network, or you've recently moved your site to a new home, in which case DNS delegation could satisfy crawler access.

Built-in problem - You may have registered a pre-existing domain. I have a client who gets a new domain (or so they think) and does everything according to the books. Writes good content, nails things on the page, has some great inbound links, but Google refuses to index them, despite accepting their sitemap.

After some investigation, it turned out that the domain had been in use a few years earlier, and was part of a large www linkspam. We had to file a reconsideration with Google.

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