How to Remove Rust in the Exhaust

Muffler is a motor component that most often experiences rust on a motorcycle. Rust on motorcycle exhaust will certainly be a problem for motorcycle users, because it can make the motorcycle look ugly and worn, and can affect its performance as well.

Exhausts often corrode on vehicles because they are frequently submerged in water, often in hot conditions or in rapidly changing temperatures. If you allow this rust to occur, it can cause corrosion or loss of the motor.

This time I will help friends find a solution to overcome this problem. The method that we recommend is also easy and does not require expensive costs. How to remove rust on exhaust? Come on, just take a look at the latest tips below.

1. Use of Used Oil

The first way to get rid of rust on a motorcycle exhaust is to use used oil. Used oil can shed the corrosion that sticks thickly in the exhaust neck.

The rust cleaning process is done easily, without having to remove the exhaust. How to clean rust on the exhaust using used oil, including:

Start the engine until the engine is hot.

Apply used oil on the rusty area on the exhaust side area.

So used oil can make rust melt, because it has properties that are able to conduct heat well.

2. Stamp Use

The next way to remove rust on the exhaust is to use grease.

Grease is usually used to lubricate certain parts of the motor by preventing the occurrence of porous or corrosion.

How to use a grease stamp on stubborn crust deposits on the exhaust is, by:

The first thing to do is to warm up the engine by starting the engine first.

After that, do the rubbing on the rusty motor area using lubricant.

Hot grease will melt stubborn rust deposits on the motorcycle exhaust.

3. Use of Rust Cleaning Cream

You can also use a rust remover cream to remove rust buildup on the motorcycle exhaust. Rust removal cream has an effective ability to remove rust.

The rust cleaning cream itself costs around 10 thousand rupiah. How to use a rust cleaning cream can be done, by using:

Clean the rust using sandpaper until clean

Rinse and clean using water, then dry

If the exhaust is dry, apply a rust removal cream on the cleaned area

After that flush with gasoline.

4. Use of Toothpaste

Stainless steel in the exhaust also has the potential to experience rust corrosion. Automotive friends to overcome the problem of corrosion on stainless steel can use toothpaste.

Only for the use of toothpaste, only devoted to the problem of rust made of stainless steel. How to use this toothpaste is to simply apply toothpaste on several areas of the motorcycle exhaust rust pile.

This toothpaste is not only used to clean the rust on the motorcycle exhaust, but also plays a very important role in cleaning the chain on a motorcycle.

5. Use of Pertamax Plus + Kerosene

You can remove rust on motorcycle exhaust by using Pertamax Plus as a base material with kerosene. How to use it is by:

Mix Pertamax Plus with kerosene, the ratio used is 1:2.

Apply pertamax plus + kerosene on the rusty exhaust area.

Let stand a few moments, then brush gently.

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4 Ways to Jumper the Most Powerful Car Battery

Have you ever had an unpleasant incident with a car date? Like for example a car that can't be started when it's about to start? This may be caused by your car battery that has been torn or even has expired.

The thing that can be done for critical times like this is by way of a car battery jumper. But how?

To be able to do this, you have to make sure that you have a set of jumper cables in your car. The most important thing when you want to jump in a car battery is to find a normal car similar to your car that broke down.

Why should you look for a similar car? This is because usually cars with the same type have the same type of voltage on the battery. Ask the owner for help politely and park the car face to face – in front of your broken down car, 1 meter apart.

You must make preparations before starting, such as positioning the transmission on P and manual transmission. The transmission must be in neutral and don't forget to apply the hand brake or parking brake on both cars.

When going to jumper, you have to turn off all the electricity in the car. Both cars must also turn off and the state of the keys removed. Unplug everything connected to the car, whether connected to the cigarette lighter or cell phone charger. This is because it is feared that damage will occur. Here's how the Car Battery Jumper

1. Open the Car Hood

Open the hood of both cars and look for where the position of the battery is. You have to pay close attention to where the positive and negative poles are on the two poles.

Usually these two poles are marked with the symbol + or -. If the terminals of the battery poles are dirty, clean them first with a cloth.

2. Car Battery Jumper Process

After you find the position of the battery along with the location of the positive and negative poles, then you can start doing car battery jumpers. Take a look at the following installation sequence.

First, clamp the end of the red or positive cable clamp on the positive pole of the broken battery. After that clamp the other end of the clamp on the positive pole on the car whose battery is working. Make sure they are tightly clamped and do not come off easily.

Next do it on the black or negative wire, attach it to the negative pole on the working I. Then the other end of the clamp on the body, chassis, or on other metal parts that are on the car broke down.

Note that it should not be connected to the clamping end of the black wire on a dead battery as this can be dangerous. Usually people use this because it is considered that the stun flow will be maximized if the car engine is alive. In fact, it is a battery that can emit gas that is very easy to burn when exposed to fire.

3. Wait

Wait for 1 minute or more, depending on how long the battery has been soaked. You may need to leave the engine running for a few minutes to recharge your soaking battery. Leave the cable attached to both cars even when both cars are on.

If the engine is still difficult to start, even if there is no reaction at all, try letting it sit for a while so that the battery charging process is maximized.

4. Remove the Jumper Cable

If the battery has been successfully turned on, you can remove the attached jumper cable. Pay attention to the following sequence!

Start from the end of the black or negative cable clamp on the car whose battery is the problem, then remove the other negative end of the cable. Then just lepad the positive cable in the same way as the negative cable.

Well, that's a guide on how to jumper a car battery, hopefully you can be helped by the information we have conveyed. Thank you!

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Factors Causing the Weakening of the Rupiah

The rupiah exchange rate against the dollar is always changing, sometimes it weakens, sometimes it can strengthen.

Why it can be weak and strong of course both have their own reasons, but this time we will discuss the causes of the weakening of the rupiah.

The weakening of the rupiah exchange rate causes the prices of goods to rise, in addition to having an impact on basic needs, it can also have an impact on transportation prices which can also increase.

The investment strategy undertaken can also be affected by the weakening of the rupiah exchange rate, because some investment instruments are largely determined by the value of the rupiah.

Sometimes the rupiah may strengthen, but this is not directly proportional to the dollar which is getting stronger and suppresses the rupiah.

Although business growth in Indonesia is growing, it is not enough to help the economy improve. The following are some of the factors causing the weakening of the rupiah against the dollar.

1. America's economy is booming

 This factor is very influential with the weakening of the rupiah exchange rate, to restore the US economy after the 2008 crisis, making the central bank in America, namely the Fed, plans to carry out a system called tappering off or quantitative reduction. This easing is known as economic stimulus.

This plan was continued and in 2013 made the US dollar strengthen in the global arena, so that the supply of dollar money would decrease.

The opposite effect is experienced by Indonesia as a developing country, but Indonesia is very easily depreciated by the influence of foreign currencies that suppress it.

In addition, the rupiah is a soft currency, meaning that the rupiah is very sensitive to the international economy.

2. Pressured by the Fed

The Fed as the central bank of the United States has plans to cut and limit bond purchases in 2013, the exchange rate of the rupiah and the JCI, which is often referred to as the composite stock index, fluctuated very sharply with each other.

This will certainly have a major impact on the American economy because the road to recovery will seriously disrupt the world's financial traffic.

3. The sluggishness and decline of Indonesia's export commodities

The decline in demand for export goods from various parts of the world will cause the Indonesian economy to be disrupted.

In short, if the number of exports decreases, the rupiah will weaken. What the government must immediately do to improve the rupiah is to increase the demand for world exports.

If export demand falls further, the trade balance will also deteriorate.

4. Imports of goods are getting higher

When the demand for export goods decreases, it is inversely proportional to the increase in demand for imported goods from abroad. This is the fault of the people themselves who trust foreign goods more than their own domestic products.

In fact, if we understand that domestic goods are no less good in quality than foreign goods, moreover there are not many foreign producers who make their goods using raw materials from Indonesia.

If imports continue to increase, the economy will weaken and the rupiah exchange rate will continue to decline. If this happens, people often complain and blame the government because Indonesia's financial condition is in shock but still consumes foreign-made goods.

In fact, according to research, consumption of imported goods made abroad has increased over the past six years and has kept the domestic balance under pressure.

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Motorcycle Spare Parts That Must Be Replaced

Know the automatic motor components that must be replaced regularly.

Motorcycle Spare Parts That Must Be Replaced Regularly – Automatic motorbikes are now a popular vehicle for many people.

The practicality and efficiency of using automatic motorcycles are the main factors that make people in the country prefer motorized vehicles with this automatic transmission.

Even though it's easy to use, you can't use it right away. That is, there must be steps to take care of the automatic motor that you have to do.

In addition to routine service and oil changes, of course you need to know that there are automatic motor components that must be replaced regularly.

Bearing in mind, some of these automatic motorcycle parts have a lifetime which of course must be replaced with new ones. Although, under normal circumstances or can be used.

Replacement components on this automatic motor usually have to be replaced when it reaches a certain period of time. Where, 5 years of service life is the ideal time to replace some critical parts.

Now for more clarity and detail, below Mas Sena will share information related to automatic motorcycle spare parts that must be replaced when the service life reaches 5 years. Let's see the full review together.

Matic Motor Components That Must Be Replaced Periodically

In practice, replacing components on an automatic motor is one of the maintenance steps that you must do. Then, what spare parts need to be replaced? Here's the explanation.

Motor Matic Spare Part Component Maintenance

Motorcycle Tires

The first component you should pay attention to for replacement is the motorcycle tire itself.

Actually the tire is a component whose replacement is quite long compared to other components.

However, as an important component related to driving comfort, of course, it is recommended to change tires regularly.

Try not to change the tire yourself until the surface is flat or bare so as not to slip when passing through slippery road terrain.

Although fairly trivial, it's a good idea to replace these components regularly and regularly. Preferably, the replacement can be done once a year or if it is felt that the tire surface has started to go bald.

And, don't forget to use quality tires. It is recommended to use tubeless tires which of course will be much safer and more effective.

Spark Plug Replacement

In addition, the spare part on the scooter that you must replace regularly is the spark plug. Which is indeed one of the vital components in the combustion process.

You need to understand that the normal condition of the motor's spark plugs will certainly greatly affect or have an impact on the engine performance process. This of course cannot be separated from the role of the spark plug itself as the main component in the ignition process of the automatic motor.

In this case, the main task of these spark plugs is to start a fire or burn. Combustion is done by mixing air and fuel.

For self-replacement, manufacturers generally recommend a replacement period after the motor has traveled 20,000 Km.

It's just that the achievement of this distance is for normal spark plug conditions. Moreover, for some cases, for example, the spark plug is damaged even though it has not reached that distance, you have to replace the new spark plug.

Therefore, you should regularly check the condition of the spark plugs. If you feel the automatic motor feels tight when running, you should check the state of the spark plug. Given, the possibility of an underpowered motor engine condition can be triggered due to a problem with the spark plug component itself.

Matic Motorcycle Brake Pads

Brake pads on automatic motorcycles are also one of the few spare parts that you must replace regularly and periodically.

Because, the function of the brake lining is of course an attempt to control or reduce the speed of the motor while driving. Thus, safety or accidents can be avoided.

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Techniques and How to Feed Wild Birds

Have you ever seen a bird that likes to fly around our house? They go back and forth, sometimes in groups, sometimes alone.

And generally the most common are flocks of sparrows and sparrows in urban areas as well as swallows and sriguntings. In areas close to forest areas, of course, more bird species will be found.

Birds fly out of their nests in search of food. And it's true the saying that says never give up on the fortune that will be picked up, seeing birds leave the nest with an empty stomach and return to the nest with a full stomach can even feed the chicks.

Here's the Technique and How to Feed Wild Birds

It turns out that there is a simple way without the need to spend big if we want to help preserve this bird population.

We can help by providing free feed for them, by providing a variety of seeds and fruit in certain containers that are easily accessible to birds.

One of the advantages that you can feel is that your home environment becomes more lively with the chirping of wild birds that come to eat the free food that has been prepared. Interested in trying it?

Here are some models of free wild bird feeding containers or a cool term for giving alms to other creatures, namely wild birds.

And not only can we provide free feed for wild birds, we can also provide free drinking by placing clean water in special drinking places such as drinking containers in broiler farms and placing it together with free bird feed.

The last tip for conserving wild birds is not to destroy their habitat. Plant trees around our yard because trees will be home to various types of wild birds and will enliven your home with a variety of styles and models of chirping that vary greatly.

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How to take care of baby finches

How to care for and care for finches puppies, the experience of finches lovers who have experience caring for this cucak family bird.

How to care for and care for finches


Combine the chicken puree with water and stir until it becomes a mush (not too runny/liquid).

Feed the puppy using a water straw until it is full. Here I recommend using aqua straws, because if you use a stick, the tip of the stick can hurt the puppy's mouth if the puppy is very hungry and enthusiastic. Therefore, it is recommended to use a water straw for feeding and watering.

How to care for and care for finches


If you want to mix it with bananas, mash the bananas until smooth, then mix with a puree like step no. 1.

Likewise if you want to mix it with Kroto, crickets, or caterpillars. Mix with pur porridge like step no 1.

But it can also be without the need to be mixed with pur porridge. If you want to give crickets and caterpillars, just give crickets and caterpillars that are still small.

Give the pur mixture every 1 or 1.5 hours (if the puppy cannot feed itself at all). But if the saplings can feed themselves, feed them however you like.

There's nothing wrong with bribing every now and then to build a bond between the puppy and you as the master.

Always check by smelling pur mixture, because pur mixture mixed with water will become stale.

The smell of stale pur concoction will be very sour and sour when smelled. Therefore, in making pur mixture, pay attention to the amount of pur, not too much because it is useless, later it must be discarded and replaced with new material if it is stale. Usually the pur concoction will go stale within 5 or 6 hours.

You can invite him to play outside the cage without having to worry about your hero coming out. Even if your hero plays and flies some distance away, give a whistle to call, your hero will definitely come close.

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How to Make a Simple Duck Cage From Bamboo

Duck cages - ducks are indeed farm animals that live in colonies unlike chickens that look for their own food, therefore in raising ducks it is necessary to have quite a lot of ducks.

Ducks usually prefer to be released in rice fields that have been harvested or even in rivers and other places that wallow and water.

How to Make a Duck Cage

There are many things to consider in making a cage that ducks like. namely there are puddles for me to play in and there is also a place to shelter from direct sunlight, lots of cages and what kinds of materials can be used to make a colony of duck cages.

1 . Bamboo

Many can be used from this one plant. For example, only small bamboo shoots, namely (BAMBUNG) which are small bamboo shoots that can be used as food ingredients for many processed foods that use bamboo shoots.

In making the cage must be in accordance with the land to be used, you can example duck cage below:

depending on the size you need, in making the cage it should be about 1 meter or more and made rather tightly so that it makes it difficult for pests that will eat ducks and duck thieves. and don't forget to also make shelter for the ducks from the heat, if the land is large enough, you should make a pond or duck puddle so that the ducks feel at home in the cage.

2 . Waring

For those who don't know waring, I will explain waring which is a long net, which is usually used to make fish cages or protect farmers' fields from disturbances from other animals such as chickens or ducks as well as children playing in the fields.

Is waring good in making duck cages, of course it is better if waring is specially designed to protect waring, indeed waring is not as strong as bamboo, but waring is quite effective in making livestock cages.

if you have a waring that is not used, it is better to use it to make other livestock cages, especially ducks. example of a duck cage that uses waring:

The picture above is only for your reference in making duck cage ideas, for the poles you can use wood, bamboo and iron if you have one. then hooked or tied using a rope or wire commonly used to make castings in buildings. size according to your land.

3 . Wall

This one is indeed a fairly large capital in its manufacture, starting from making a foundation and then making a wall, indeed in this way it is classified as safe from animal attacks, namely monitor lizards and snakes and usually thieves.

wild animals eat duck eggs or even prey on the ducks themselves. in the manufacture according to your wishes or according to your land. Don't forget to also provide shelter for the ducks from the hot sun or rain and the good thing is that in the duck cage there is also land for ducks or pools of water to swim to get additional feed too.

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How to Remove Rust in the Exhaust

Muffler is a motor component that most often experiences rust on a motorcycle. Rust on motorcycle exhaust will certainly be a problem for mo...

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